Ramel d.o.o.

With us in the BRIGHT future!

Electrical company Ramel was founded in 1993 in Niksic and it is operating successfully for over two decades. The company is engaged in designing, execution and supervision of electrical installations of high and low voltage, overhead transmission lines, power plants and substations, execution of electrical installation works in all areas of electrical engineering, as well as trade of electrical materials.
The company has, from year to year, with the great deal of investment and professional training of employees, become one of the leading companies in this field in our country, which confirms a large number of quality and professional executed works.
The company Ramel represents a successful and perspective company on our market. Successes of the company and the knowledge and experience of employees represent a reliable support in the further development of the company. Realization of policy and quality objectives in Ramel, is made in the manner that each organizational unit and every employee within its duties and responsibilities, applies the principle: PLAN-DO-CHECK-IMPROVE





Our vision is to be a synonym for a company that continually sets high standards. We do not care what others do, our goal is to be better than ourselves and to tackle our own records from day to day. According to us, the goals do not determine the future. They mobilize resources and business energy because they are making future.
The consequence of the quality and success is our long-term existence on the business scene. Safety is our imperative that we aspire towards an effective and dynamic work.

Our mission is to do things better, not bigger, because quality represents work number 1 to be long remembered when the price is forgotten. For us, quality represents compliance with the requirements. This is the minimum level that provides the company with the aim of satisfying our clients. At the same time, it is the level of consistency that the company strives to provide in advance.
We strive to offer the market a services of superior quality and levels that are completely adapted to their needs and wishes.
Our people are capable, highly trained professionals with years of experience and they are able to accomplish even the most delicate tasks.

We are responsible in work that we do, to our colleagues, customers and partners. We believe that this type of business is a strategic framework for the management of the company.
In an era of global integration, it is necessary to operate on the principle of social responsibility, in order to successfully face the challenges posed by today's market.
This concept encourages us to new innovations, sustainable development, good risk managementas well as improvement of business results.
We are ready to make a decision and take responsibility for risks, activities and results arising from it.


Licences owned by Ramel:

Licences for planning and implementation electro-installations of strong and weak current.


ISO Certificate for quality of products and services ( At the end of 2007 Ramel entered the standardization process i.e. introducing ISO 9001 international standards ). The process was successfully completed at the end of 2008 and Ramel got the certificate.

Excelent SME Certificate issued by Chamber of Economy of Montenegro which cledarly indicates good credit rating of the company, more credibility and technical protection from copying of quality mark to other websites.